Act Natural

Act Natural is an installation of video work inspired by Alfred House’s history as a televisual shooting location, as well as current parallels to the socio-political climate portrayed in ‘Aufwiedersehen, Pet’. The scenes are filmed in and around the Backlit studios, evoking multiple narrative layers within the repeatedly re-purposed building, with lighting functioning as a key marker of artifice.

Commissioned and exhibited as part of BACKLIT’s annual group show. The exhibition features video, sculpture and performance that will take the viewer on a journey around the building as it is re-imagined as a fictitious location for ‘Ally Fraser’s Hideout’, a place for unlawful business in the hit 80’s series. The works will explore notions of architectural space, transposed narratives, phantasma, and correlations with the current socio-political climate.

Featuring work by Jade Annaw, Ellen Brady, Connor Brazier, Matthew Chesney, Joey Holder, Daniel Rapley, Martin Rayment, Mo Scott, and Suzanne van der Lingen.