I’ll be your mirror

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‘I’ll be your mirror’, a solo show presented as part of slice, curated by Emma McKinney at Stryx, Birmingham.

slice is a platform; fleeting and fluctuating. A programme of monthly interventions/exhibitions/displays, the project aims to provide opportunities for emerging artists to share their work with the city of Birmingham.
Happening on-top-of | alongside | beneath | between; slice works around Stryx’s existing gallery programme as an exercise in being resourceful, negotiating space and sharing/layering territories.

‘I’ll be your mirror’ is inspired by extramission, the Pre-Socratic theory that eyes emit rays of light to achieve vision.


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‘Vulpecula’ and ‘Ellipsis’ to be screened as part of Eastside Projects ESP’s curated selection for nawki.

nawki or ‘not as we know it’ began last year, with the intention to experiment with the art fair model, each iteration shifts its focus to a different framework with a selection of arts organisation/spaces across the UK invited to participate, resulting in a cross-
organisation collaborative outcome.

this year the fair will take the form of an artist film screening, experimenting with a platform specifically for digital, time-based works, where the show’s constraints are responsive to the medium, becoming primarily durational, as opposed to physical.
each organisation is invited to contribute a segment of digital and video artwork, that will be compiled to make a two hour long showcase, with each slot as the organisation’s respective ‘exhibition’.

the resulting video will be screened simultaneously, at every participating space throughout the UK on 13th July starting at 6.30pm.

In 2017 nawki’s participating organisations are:
CBS Gallery
Eastside Projects ESP
Focal Point Gallery
Ladette Space
The White Pube

Isthisit? x HUTT: Limbo Lambada

Uncategorized March 5, 2017

Lament (2017) was produced as part of Isthisit? x HUTT: ‘Limbo Lambada’, which manifested as a pop-up show at HUTT from the 23rd-27th February, and will be documented and reconfigured as an online exhibition on Isthisit? from the 17th-24th March.

‘Limbo Lambada’ featured work by: Charlotte Cullen | Craig Fisher | Emily Simpson | Emii Alrai | Suzanne Van der Lingen | Victoria Grenier.


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‘Endnotes’ is part of the MAP ‘Footnoting the Archive’ project curated by guest editors Suzanne van der Lingen & Claire Walsh for Edinburgh Art Festival 2016 and includes new work by Peter Amoore (with Raphael Rubinstein), Annet Dekker, Aideen Doran and Victoria Horne. ‘Endnotes’ is presented as a limited edition publication designed by Osasto and as a series of online commissions on the MAP website. Copies of the printed publication are available throughout EAF 2016 at Edinburgh Sculpture Workshop and the EAF kiosk (9-11 Blair Street).

Responding to the theme of endnotes, and coinciding with the completion of the MAP online archive, Amoore, Dekker, Doran and Horne examine methods of approaching archives as creative, active platforms rather than static repositories of documented content. Each propose critical approaches to archiving, contemporary art and digital production.

The programme includes a discussion event on 13 August, 14:00-17:00, at Edinburgh College of Art (ECA). Contributors present their research as part of a discussion chaired by writer and curator, Jenny Brownrigg. The event forms part of van der Lingen and Walsh’s micro residency at ECA School of Art, 1-26 August. Tickets available via eventbrite.

It is this it is this, it is this: Footnoting the Archive at Glasgow Sculpture Studios

Uncategorized June 15, 2016

With Sarah Forrest & Laura Edbrook | Sarah Neely | Debi Banerjee & Kirsty Hendry | Daisy Lafarge

2-4PM, Glasgow Sculpture Studios Main Gallery, 11 June 2016
Free, booking essential (tickets available via eventbrite)

‘not for gain’
Screening of Daisy Lafarge’s new film, made for Degree Show 2016 at Edinburgh College of Art. The screening will serve as a precursor to her commissioned text for MAP (to be published summer 2016) in which she proposes to undertake an archaeological approach to the MAP archive.

‘It is this it is this, it is this’
A performative video-essay presented by Laura Edbrook and Sarah Forrest on the manner of ‘distance from’ and ‘closeness to’ in the work and biography of Scottish poet and filmmaker, Margaret Tait.

‘The bits of ourselves we leave behind’
Sarah Neely presents a series of fragments from Margaret Tait’s film archive, exploring the late filmmaker’s practice. The presentation will provide a context for ‘It is this it is this, it is this’, exploring Neely’s research in relation to Tait’s archive.

‘Scoring the Archive’
Debi Banerjee and Kirsty Hendry invite you to a reading workshop based on research into Section V, an experimental programme ran by Ted Odling at The Glasgow School of Art from 1965 – mid 1970s. Participants will explore collectively the role of the ‘anecdotal archive’ by voicing and making public the notebooks, letters, diaries, and personal accounts absent from the bureaucratic record.